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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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frame? >> no, i can't change a frame. jack still die abc 7 breaking news. >> breaking news out of maryland. prince george's county police investigating an abduction. the man kidnapped in the 5200 block of 59th avenue overnight. suv in thend and as you vie photograph. the victim is safe and officers recovered a handgun used a suspect. one suspect arrested and the other is on the run. is believed robbery led to abduction and, but that is under investigation. good morning, washington. wednesday morning, march 28. i am steve chenevey.
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glad to be with you this morning. we will get to lisa baden in a moment. first, steve rudin. much warmer than yesterday at 10-15 degrees. you will notice the difference. at temperatures across the area. reagan national airport holding at 48 degrees. 45 at dulles airport. 45 in manassas. 34 degrees in west virginia. look at the mild air off to the , 70 degrees incite louis. .air ahead of a cold front the wind will gust to about 25or or 30 miles an hour. 73-78 degrees for the daytime high and some storms could be severe.
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now to lisa baden for traffic. >> i love the way things are developing this morning. overnight construction being put .o bed moving relatively well around beltway. been doing overnight to at new hampshire ave. all the barrels are being moved. good shape right now springfield, virginia. the traffic more on scene as things develop. now to news. >> investigators are looking into an overnight star at in the west.ers firefighters responded to a on eighth floor. inside, they found a small closet.a trash two people injured in maryland along east-west highway and rd.e one of the cars rolled over and caught on fire. following the latest in the
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shooting death of trayvon martin. recognizedr will be at an event in washington for effecting change community. is parent yesterday attended a abouton capitol hill racial profiling and eight crimes. -- hate crimes. >> a moment of silence. >> trayvon martin's parents made discussionduring a on racial profiling. everyone holding the legacy of trayvon and making sure that he did not die in vain, i just to say thank you. >> the death of a 17-rolled has nationwide narrative on racial profiling. his mother demanded the arrest of george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain. man has not been arrested. expo police documents aimed to support zimmerman's claim that fired a single shot in self- defense. lost the teenager as he tried to follow him through
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neighborhood and was walking back to his car when martin attacking him,ed slamming his head against the sidewalk. and breaking his sidewalk were references to drug use on martin's twitter paged. family denied this and called it the latest attempt at character assassination. >> there are so many things are trying to demonize the victim. if this is a young kids who was trying his best. about martin's from school for and for having 12 pieces a women's store in his backpack, comment. no >> although rivera apologize for the clothingat by trayvon martin was as much responsible for his death was the first
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son was ashamed of said.he had done a person had sexual contact with a 10-year-old can. was a senior pastor in montgomery county. ivey resign at. the abuse lasted two years. now to the health care overhaul. the law seems to be in jeopardy. the conservative justices on the supreme court the requirement that virtually every american carry insurance. justice kennedy considered to be the swing votes -- >> you don't have the duty to someone if that person is in danger. >> only insurance will guarantee that would ever need for health care that you have will be covered. >> four liberal justices all
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seem to support the overall. ruling on the case is expected in late june. bad news if you purchased the .ega millions ticket is no winner. that means the estimated $476 million on friday. the numbers drawn last night we -- friday's drawing will be the largest ever. . good down and thete is u.s. might be losing the fight against computer hackers. linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york. i did not win, but i will be drawing that they have. e country oppose the current approach is not because computer
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criminals are talented and defenses are weak. secure and a single classified network in the nation. best buy's website is down this morning. it had been shut down temporarily for upgrades since 10:00 p.m. last night and will until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. no word on what the upgrades will involve, but it is ahead of quarterly results tomorrow. the retailer made some pricing that inventory could keep up with, dating back as far as last friday. apple is responding to critics over the battery life of the ipad. fans,tails on it baseball coming up in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. it is wednesday want.
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still ahead, questions into why a former police officer shot and his daughter for turning the gun on himself the. will hear from those that knew the family. coming to newtes gingrich's campaign how. he is scaling back. first, a check on traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. there is a look at 395 near minutes. there is a look at 395 near
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>> and taking a check of traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. with steve rudin. a little warmer than yesterday. at least 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. not so bad. 48 degrees at george washington university. is not so bad. 44 degrees in germantown. n leesburg. temperatures across the board, winchester, 40 in martinsburg, 46 in hagerstown. quantico surpassing 50 degrees already. the warm air. 24-hour temperature change, 26 warmer in detroit. warm air arriving later this afternoon ahead of the cold will slide across today, bringing us a showers ande of embedded thunderstorms.
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our skies will begin to clear as through the day tomorrow. friday will look wonderful outside with high-pressure overhead. 73-78 degrees today. heavy downpours and gusty wind possible. let's get a look at traffic with lisa baden. >> it is a good morning. 95 is pretty smooth out of getting intog, springfield, beyond on to 395. everything is open to and from street bridge. virginiaavel times in and on 95 in maryland. southbound coming out of frederick into montgomery county 270 into a germantown is beautiful. ride in college park on on the beltway near andrews air force base. more.ave now back to news. >> crews are scheduled to demolish bridge in fort belvoir this week. will close ones
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of route 1 after 7:00 tonight and tomorrow night. new dunston road bridge is wide enough to allow for the eventual of the highway and the possibility of light rail in the future. friday moments for passengers on board the jetblue flight. they had to tackle the pilots. republican presidential romney on a late- night talk-show circuit. why he would put
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texting our top stories. a man is a factor being abducted in riverdale. suspects kidnapped a man on pipa ninth avenue. arrested after a police and the others still on the loose. no one was hurt. police believe the suspects may been. 59thg to probably pumped-- avenue. authorities say there was a the 64 in the trash closet at the fbi was hurt.but nobody hearingeme court the president's law, dayre reform three. court's conservative justices asked sharp questions
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about a requirement that all americans buy health insurance. students at a fairfax county withl struggling to deal the death of a classmate. 13-year-old alexis jackson was a seventh grader in alexandria. father, 40-year-old john outside and killed her yesterday in then killedd himself. jackson's wife had filed for divorce last year. >> everybody in my school was crying. >> it is sad to know that someone you know is no longer here. >> don jackson was a fairfax years police officer 16 leaving the force two years ago. two gay men recently attacked in in northwestdents speaking out. they did not want their identities revealed. >> they drag me, pulled my jacket over my head and they were kicking me.
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the word i hold over and over " fag."as we were targeted because of sexuality. >> one of the man was targeted at ihop restaurant and the other beaten. his jaw was broken during an arrest has been made in the ihop no one has been connection with the other incident. terrifying moments on a jetblue flight headed from new york's las vegas. the trip, theto pilot became erratic. pilot locked the cockpit door, keeping him out of the cockpit. and the pilot started screaming about a bomb and threats from iraq. is when passengers wrestled the pilot to the ground. >> i was not letting go. until we landed the plane. was still on top of this guy. >> the co-pilot made an in texas.landing the pilot was taken to hospital and suffered a medical situation.
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investigating. 2012, gop presidential candidate turning his -- trimming his campaign. cutting one-third of his campaignluding his if and reducing his campaign schedule. gingrich was in annapolis yesterday. if he is not the nominee, he l support mitt romney but only if mitt nomination before the convention. dob kenneth ron paul will be in the area tonight for town hall g at the coliseum at the maryland inf college park. that starts at 7:00 this evening. the republican presidential front-runner mitt romney was mostly business during an on the tonight show, jay leno letent things get a little racy. we did you ever think that weporn, withing e other things in this election? know that we were porn.g about [laughter]
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>> time for traffic and weather at. first, steve rudin. at a mild tog start to our wednesday morning. warmer thanr so yesterday. on outsidet is going terms of temperatures. 48 degrees at reagan national, dulles, 42 in petersburg. on the far left degrees.he screen, 34 satellite and radar, cold front afternoon into the evening. the wind will pick up out of the southwestern end of the frontal 15-25 miles and hour. you may see a few isolated s or showers
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into theg later today early evening. clear nicely and afterwards. 73-78 degrees today. grab the umbrella for later this afternoon. update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. good morning. >> loving life right now. thank you. beltway at colesville road, nice quiet. rolling along nicely across the for can legion bridge maryland traffic. 270, southbound is the headlights. good in virginia. 66, 95, 395, and all clear along the greenway and the toll road. back to you. >> thank you. much for creating a bracket on dancing. not much of a surprise that was the first celebrity to get booted from the dance competition. came in last place after monday night. said she did the show
4:55 am dancing scared >> before the show i was worried about the actual dancing. seconds me was the 75 dancing and i blew the first seconds of the dance. and that messes up the whole season. that.ot used to >> she admitted that it was not effort. coming up next week, the 11 remaining contestants will perform a dance that tells a personal story. the next dancing is monday at 8:00 on abc 7. right now, for clock 55 on this wednesday morning. l.a. dodgers getting a new buyer. l.a. dodgers getting a new buyer. setting rec buying this juicer online was unbelievable. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner
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>> breaking news in riverdale. county polices person second accused of kidnapping a man. and the argument over health care reform continues today in u.s. supreme court. what justices are expected to tackle. >> i have been doing this 27 years. this is my first time i have someone with three tickets in a short time. more details about the woman with a lead foot. managing to get three speeding tickets in just an hour. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. so glad you're with us on wednesday morning. it's march 28, i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, steve rudin. we're looking at a warmer withed the day compared at this umbrella. probably need it later evening.rnoon into the look at the temperatures. 46 in gaithersburg. yesterday it was around the freezing mark at this time fredericksburg, looking at 46 as hagerstown. satellite and radar shows a cold front of the north and west. arrives this afternoon into the evening. it may contain gusty wind and downpours. it will be brief. skies will begin to clear with cooler, drier air behind that. 73-78


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